Terms & Conditions

1.   Driver’s age: Minimum 23 years of age.

2.   Driving license : A valid driving license held for at least one year from the country of residence or an international Driving Permit is required.

3.   Minimum rental: One day (24 hours). Every hour in excess is calculated at 1/5 of the daily rate.

4.   Traffic fines : All traffic fines resulting from violation of the Greek traffic law are for renter’s account.

5.   Deposits : A cash deposit estimated on rental with a minimum of 60 € / per day. No deposit is required from holders of credit cards honored by BOUNOS.

6.   Insurance: All BOUNOS vehicles are insured :

a)  Against liability to third parties (excluding driver and passengers) for death, injury up to 485.000 €.

b)  Material damages to third parties   (excluding the BOUNOS vehicle) up to

97.000 €.

c)  Forfireforthe BOUNOS vehicle.

d)  The driver, however, is responsible for collision damage to the BOUNOS rented vehicle up to its value.

7.   Collision damage waiver (C.D.W.) : The driver can limit his responsibility for his legal share in any damage of the vehicle (as mentioned in the above paragraph 6d), to 250 € by paying the sum of 12 € for every day of the rental for the categories  A, A1, B, C, D, D1, E, G, H, provided also that the traffic laws were not contravened. Damages to tires, windshield, mirrors, windows and underneath the vehicle is not covered by the C.D.W. Insurance cover. The renter may waive the above reliability (450 €) by paying 5 € per day (F.D.W.).

8.   Theft protection : Total value of the BOUNOS car against theft subject to an additional charge of 5 € for the car groups A, A1, B, C, D, D1, E, G, H.

9.   Personal accient insurance : This insurance, optionally available for only 5 € per day, covers the renter and each passenger of the BOUNOS rented car with the following amounts respectively:

–  Driver:

Death, total or partial disability 18.000 €. Medical Expenses 900 €.

–  Each Passenger:

Death, total or partial disability 9.000 €.

Medical Expenses 900 €.

Maximum amount covered per accident 45.000 €.

10.   Taxes: All rates are subject to 23% VAT.

11.   Gasoline : The consumption is payable by the renter unleaded type fuel is to be used on BOUNOS vehicles.

12.   Delivery/ Collection:

–   FreeTo Hotels in town.

–   Free To Suburban Hotels.

–   Night/After hours (21.30 – 08.00) 20 €.

13.   Additionaldriverfee: Free.

14.   Equipment : Baby/child (up to 3 years old) seat, snow chain, roof rack on request with daily charge of 2 €.

15.   Across the border rental: An advanced written authorization from BOUNOS is required.

16.   Rent-it-here / Leave-it-there service : To other destinations the charges are 0,30 €/per Km for car groups A, A1, B, C, D, D1, E, G, H.

17.   Ferrying the car : An advanced written authorization from BOUNOS is required.

Bounos Car Rental

Using the experience of our continuous presence in the tourist market of Nafplio, we provide you with the best and most affordable solutions for car rental in Greece.

  • All inclusive prices
  • Insurance included
  • Free delivery to Hotels in town
  • Free delivery to Suburban Hotels
  • Free additional driver
  • Baby/child seat (on request)
  • Snow chain (on request)
  • Roof rack (on request)
  • Rent-it-here / Leave-it-there service
Payment methods
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